Why I Switched Back To Spotify From Apple Music

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I was excited about Apple Music from the get-go. I’m a big fan of Apple and as I mentioned in previous posts (https://checkeredowl.com/streaming-music-wins-but-maybe-thats-okay/) streaming is the future of music whether you like it or not; And honestly long term I am willing to wager artists will actually make more (that’s for another post).

However, after a few months of 1989 glory I am officially switching back to Spotify. There are 3 primary reasons for this, the first two come out of my fandom of music and one that comes out of my role as an artist manager.

#1. The lack of discovery – Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Apple’s “For You” playlists I have never before had such well-auto curated lists show up on my feed. I mean, a playlist of Ella Fitzgerald’s greatest scats? Could a better playlist be created? However, I missed seeing what my friends were listening to, I missed listening in to their playlists and finding something new. I like finding out about music through organic discovery and sadly most people don’t actually hit that share button when they hear something great.

#2. The lack of history – This may seem small but, I REALLY missed being able to look back at my recently played. Maybe I was listening to a new record and forgot the band’s name, maybe someone asked me what I was listening to these days, maybe I just wanted to see what it looked like. Point is…I missed that, and it’s a super easy feature to add.

#3. The lack of reach – Ultimately this did it for me. On Spotify, as an artist you can verify your account account (at least 300 people need to be following you) and start creating playlists as a band. You can connect in deeper ways with fans, heck you can sell merch! And by using those tools you can begin to build a deeper relationship with both your fans and with Spotify itself.

I like Spotify, because as a manager, there is a clear way forward, a clear way to grow, a clear way to connect on a new level with the people following you. Thus far I haven’t seen that with Apple.