Time To Wipe Your Creative Hard Drive

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As anyone who follows this blog knows, I spend a lot of time staring at a computer screen. Like most of you a big part of my day is heavily rooted in the digital world. Skype meetings, Facebook analytics, tour booking e-mails, video editing, tweet sending, blog reading,¬†podcast listening, podcast recording, spreadsheet creating, Spotify or iTunes spinning records in the background…etc. And more often doing 2-5 of any of the above at once. And overall this works for me. These tools all let us get a ton done every day.

However after a while I can feel the ones and zeros collecting around my brain.
They pile up.
And slowly but surely they start to clog up the system.
Creative thoughts come less easily

Fight it.

Just like your computer, every once and a while you need to clean out all that data, re-format, and come back working more smoothly. Put down the phone, walk away.

Then come back and work twice as hard.