The Final Death Of Music Downloads

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At this moment I am listening to The Carolina Chocolate Drops’ album “Leaving Eden” on Spotify. I listen to it often. Before that I was listening to Mos Def and before that Luke Dowler. All on Spotify.

I already own 3 of the 4 records I was listening to, but I have deleted almost all song files from my phone and computer. Honestly I don’t want to take up the space. My computer is often full, my phone always is. Last week I bought an album from a band on Bandcamp to support a newer band. I didn’t even download it. Paid and jumped over to Spotify to listen.

Downloads are on their VERY last legs. There will always be a few who want a file, just like a physical CD, but that number is continuing to shrink dramatically. When I’m listening to music I want to switch seamlessly from my computer, to our family Sonos system to my phone in the car. A stationary file (or physical unit) makes that really inconvenient.

Take heed, it’s where EVERYTHING is going. Why buy a giant movie file when you have Netflix?

Everyone complains that you can’t compete against free, but honestly, that’s not the issue, the truth is: You can’t compete against convenience.