Streambank Restoration

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Way back in 2017, before Covid, before Wandavision, before Meghan Markle had joined or quit the royal family, before A Quiet Place, or even North America’s most recent total solar eclipse, we were invited to join a project.

The County of Grande Prairie, Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance, Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society, Cows & Fish, and some volunteers, were working with a local Agricultural Producer and Watershed Artisians (from New Mexico) to restore a deep erosion cut and stabilize some farmland. We were invited to capture the journey over a number of years so that other people could learn from their work and experience. So many of our projects take place over a matter of days or weeks, that this brought in a brand new challenge. It was a fantastic journey getting to know Graham and the whole team who came together to work on this! Almost equally fun, was having the chance to review footage over a period of years and watch the land heal itself with some light help from all the human folks. We learned a lot making this project and hope you do to!