Muted – A Choir Faces Covid


When singing in groups becomes illegal, what is a choir to do? As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the world, that was the question faced by the Grande Prairie Boys’ choir and their conductor Jeannie Vanwynsberghe Pernal. This documentary follows their journey and explores how the choir (and the community that loves them) copes when the music is MUTED.

All music performed by the Grande Prairie Boys’ Choir
Conductor: Jeannie Vanwynsberghe Pernal

Directed and produced by: Rew Jones

Cinematographer: David McGregor

Camera Operators:
Cody Flynn
Mike Evans
David McGregor
Rew Jones

Additional Cinematography by:
Nathaniel Fast
Tom Gorman

Sound Recording by:
Cody Flynn
Arjun Roy
Chris McIntyre
GPBC Sound Personnel

Sound Mixer
Chris McIntyre

Les Tunke
J. Francis Morgan