Politics, Community & Change (Let’s make it happen!)

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Thanks for the massive amount of support you have all given to fighting this change to the LMO applications for musicians. This morning I have talked to my local MP as well as Jason Kenny’s office and the Service Canada “Office of Client Satisfaction” and it is very clear that they have been receiving your feedback!

I was just talking to several of my friends and colleges and am excited & encouraged to see the community coming forward and demanding quick change.

Let me be clear, this change is not helpful to Canadian music. I manage bands on both sides of the border, I have been talking to many of my artist friends, I have been talking with venue owners and promoters. This change is not good for any of us. It does not help Canadian artists, venues or fans. I outlined some of the reasons here, The Calgary Herald outlined from the venue side here.

After talking to government folks and getting their opinions, here are the new refined action steps I suggest:

#1. Call your local MP This is the single most effective thing you can do. You can find their contact info here
#2. Call the office of Jason Kenny 403-225-3480 Let’s make sure that phone doesn’t stop ringing. You can also e-mail him at [email protected]
#3. Sign the Online petition This has no “official” impact, but lot’s of people keeps this discussion in the news. Ensures people know that we care. You can sign here.
#4. We are currently working on a “official” petition that can be tabled in Parliament. This is being done with my local MP Chris Warkentin who said that he was happy to take it for us! If you are interested in being updated on this you can e-mail me at [email protected]
#5. Keep spreading the word. Awareness is what will make or break this whole situation. Spread, post, share, what ever it is you do, spread the word.

Thanks again! At this point it’s unclear whether this was an intentional move to slow American bands from coming into our market or an oversight in broad sweeping changes. Either way, this is how we can make a change!

So glad to be a part of this active Canadian music scene!
Let’s do this!