PARDS Documentary Airing on AMI

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All of you who follow us on social media ( you may have seen that we recently spent a few days at PARDS (Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society) filming a documentary. To really tell you about this experience I need to tell you about two other organizations:

Over the course of spending a few days out at this amazing facility (just outside of Grande Prairie, Alberta), we completely fell in love with PARDS and the works they do. The huge amount of clients they serve, who all face a huge variety of challenges is incredible. The fact that they help each and every person who walks through their doors by connecting them with a horse, is even cooler.

However, this project didn’t just involve one amazing group of people that were new connections for us, it involved two. The network that hired us to produce this doc is a channel called AMI (Accessible Media Inc.). They are a national channel with the mandate “to make accessible media for all Canadians”. A big part of that is to create TV content that is accessible and inclusive for blind and partially sighted audiences. To do that they use integrated described video, which means that everything that happens on screen also needs to be described in a way that is incorporated into the audio. This was a whole new side of filmmaking for us and an amazing chance to learn more about how to make our content inclusive.

We are really proud of this documentary and can’t wait for you all to see it! It will air this Friday on AMI! 6:30 EST/4:30 MST

AMI is most often on 888, however, this may vary depending on your provider. Channel Listings under the trailer.


Producer/Director: Rew Jones
Director of Photography: Patrick O’Connor
Sound Recordist: Ezra Wood
Editors: Patrick O’Connor & Andrew Antonello
Production Assistant: Laryn Gilmour
Integrated Described Video Specialist: Emily Harding
Narrator: Jim Van Horne
Composer: Luke Dowler
Special Thanks: Volunteers, Staff, and Riders of PARDS & Jim Krysko
Audio Post: Bruce Baklarian, Achira Kirinde, Mark Phoenix, Santiago Moffat
Graphics: Mike Smith
Production Supervisor: Janice Sivitilli
Director of Production: Cara Nye
Director of Programming: Brian Perdue
VP of Programming & Production: John Melville
President & CEO: David Errington

AMI-tv Channel Guide

Bell Aliant – 65
Bell – 48
Cogeco Ontario – 555
Cogeco Quebec – 66
Compton – 888
Eastlink – 888
MTS – 888
Novus – 888
Rogers – 888
SaskTel – 554
Shaw Cable – 888
Shaw Direct (Advanced) – 888
Shaw Direct (Classic) – 888
Source Cable – 111
Tbaytel (IPTV) – 1111
Telus – 888
Videotron – 173
Westman – 888​​