New Film Courses Coming To Grande Prairie

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Checkered Owl Media is based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. As a small to mid-sized city, it can sometimes be hard to access some of the training that is available in larger Canadian film centers, like Calgary, Vancouver, or Toronto. However, we do have a thriving film community. This community includes videographers, producers, directors, PAs, cinematographers and loads of people who just want to help out. To address the needs of this community an organization called PRIMAA was formed several years ago. Their mission is: “PRIMAA facilitates and supports Peace Region media artists in the production and exhibition of media arts.” (Disclosure: Checkered Owl co-owner Rew Jones currently sits on the board of PRIMAA)

This year one of PRIMAA’s big goals is to ramp up the education of filmmakers in the city. In April there are 3 special training events that anyone in the Peace Region who is into film needs to check out!

#1. Set Etiquette and Protocol Workshop with Ava Karvonen

Set Etiquette & Protocol is essentially THE course you should take if you want to start working on other people’s sets. It’s required for union sets and is a huge plus for getting work any production! It’s also required if you ever want to move forward and join the DGC or other film-based organizations! It’s never been offered in Grande Prairie before and so now is the time to grab it if you don’t want to have to make a trip to Calgary in order to grow in your career!

#2. Funding Basics for Indie Filmmakers Workshop with Ava Karvonen

Having a great idea is only one part of the filmmaking journey. If you want to get your project made, you need the finances to make it happen! Ava will be running us through a variety of options on how to turn your dream into a reality.

#3. The Elements of Story Workshop with Ava Karvonen

What is the most important part of every film? The actors? The camera? The set design? All of those are important, but all of them exist to serve the story. Come learn from an experienced producer what it takes to build an amazing story.

All of these courses and more are coming to GP soon so keep an eye on the PRIMAA event page: if you are in the area!