New Documentary – Undefeated:Journey To The Death Race is Out Now

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Undefeated: Journey To The Death Race is a documentary highlighting the Grande Prairie trail running and ultramarathon community and 4 runners competing in the gruelling Canadian Death Race, a race set in the beautiful rocky mountains near Grande Cache, Alberta. The film was released on November 12th, 2020.

Participants of the Canadian Death Race endure dangerous elements and face everything from massive mountain elevation shifts, grizzly bears, other wild animals, and the ever-changing weather to push themselves to their personal limits. For many, it is much more than a race, it is a symbol of the personal hardships, challenges and goals that define one’s purpose through a journey of self-discovery, reflection and triumph. We share the stories of a few of these racers who took on these challenges, and for whom the Death Race is a way to honour themselves, and the value and uncertainty of life. The Death Race is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2019.

A special thank you to the ultra-marathon community, the Triple Terrain Trail Trekkers running community, Jessica Winnemuller, Yasna Paola Aedo Martinez, Phil Troyer, Krista Mitchell, and Brian Gallant – Race Director for Sinister Sports for allowing the Undefeated: Journey To The Death Race production team tell their impactful stories. This shoot was an adventure and we’d like to thank all of our crew for running our own little marathon!

Director: Rew Jones

Assistant Director: Wade Whibley

Production Manager: Mariah Braun

Producers: Wade Whibley, Mariah Braun, Rew Jones

Editor: Louwrens Olivier

Location Audio: Cody Flynn, Bevin Booth, Gier Buterman

Camera Operators: David McGregor, Matt Levins, Mariah Braun, Gier Buterman, Cody Flynn, Day Chase, Rew Jones

Camera / Audio Assistants: Day Chase, Gier Buterman, Bevin Booth, Cody Flynn, Elijah Lukac, Liam Thompson

Music: Cole McLeod

VFX/Motion Graphics: Gordie Haakstad

Catering / First Aid: Tammy Birch Bloom

Transportation: Louwrens Olivier, Mariah Braun, Matt Levins, Tammy Birch Bloom, Sarah & Rew Jones

Aerial Footage: CIA Solutions

Additional Photography: Margaret Abraham, Harry Biglands, Shaun Brocklehurst (Skybase Solutions)

TELUS Storyhive Mentor: Ava Karvonen NSI: Shelly Quade, Elise Swehone Special

Thanks to: Brian Gallant, Evergreen Park, Hamlet of Grande Cache, Happy Trails RV, Harriet Tinka, Hiro Watanabe, Mike Reeve, Northern Metalic, Sinister Sports, Sonja, Raven Vector Communications, Primetime Hunting & Fishing, Wapiti Nordic Ski Club, Jessica Winnemuller, Krista Mitchell, Phil Troyer, Yasna Martinez.