My Two (New-ish) Favourite Tricks for Bands/Artists

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Facebook is ever changing, and that means your strategies on Facebook need to be ever changing. In fact a blog I wrote only a few months ago encouraged using graph search heavily when inviting your fans & friends to events, but graph search seems to have been dropped by Facebook since then. Luckily this first tip fixes that issue, but it does require a slightly new approach.

TIP #1: Inviting Targeting Fans
First, I have to give credit where created is due, this tip was passed on to me by the very excellent Alberta band Boreal Sons (, so try it out and then with the time you save go check out one of their excellent music videos.

As I pointed out in the aforementioned article (One Great Way Artists Can (Not) Annoy Friends And Facebook Followers!), there are few things more annoying on Facebook than constantly getting invited to shows all over the world that I’m clearly not going to unless the artist is also buying flights. I’m sure the problem is more rampant among people who are friends with lots of artists, but either way you don’t want to clog up your friends notifications with shows in Amarillo when they live in Kelowna. However if you have 1400 friends it can be a pain to go through the list and try to remember where all of those people live; here is a sneaky way around that.

Step 1: Make “where you live” privatefacebook edit where you live
Step 2: Change what city Facebook thinks you live in to wherever your big event is.
Step 3:  Now, when you go to “invite friends” one of the auto-select options will be the city Facebook thinks you live in. Select them all and you will be good to go!


TIP #2: Inviting More Likes

This one is less of a “hack” and more of a WAY under-used feature that can make a BIG difference to your stats, and it’s super simple! Facebook allows you to invite anyone who “likes” one of your posts to come “like” your page! This is great for converting people who are interacting with your content but haven’t yet “liked” your page; it also can make posts that you have payed to promote noticeably more effective!

invite these people to like your page Facebook pop up blurred privacyStep 1:
Find a post that enough people have “liked” that Facebook says “_________, ___________, and ___ others like this”
Step 2: Click on that message
Step 3: You will get a pop-up with all the profiles that have “liked” your post. Click invite on any of the names that have a clickable button


Thats it! Let me know what are some of your new favourite tips in the comments