My Favourite New Social Media Platform

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Every so often you hear about a new social media platform that actually sounds worth checking out. Every once and a while, you don’t delete off your phone after a couple weeks. This time, I found one that became a favourite.

I was listening to Tim Ferriss’ podcast a while ago and he had B.J. Novak (yes, the one from The Office & Inglourious Basterds) on the show. I was mostly there to hear him talk about writing (The Office was a HUGE influence on our writing when we were doing theatre) but in the midst of that, B.J. started to talk about a new social media app he had created. I’m a little cautious to jump right into new social media platforms, but was intrigued to check it out. The app called, and I’ve been using it since December.  Honestly, I can’t recommend it enough.

I was going to write a long blog post about how great it is, but then I realized a list would be more appropriate. You can also find this list on the site at:

#10. Lists don’t have to be numbered, but they can be.

#9. Sometimes lists are exactly what you would expect. For instance, I made a list of my top 99 albums of all time.

#8. Often lists aren’t really that listy at all, they are more stories or sharing. Today I read about how a fellow lister is dealing with the ups and downs of creative life.

#7. Lists are often funny.

#6. Lists are often meaningful.

#5. The community is still small enough to be a community.

#4. The community is big enough to find and grow your online circles and find really cool supportive folks.

#3. It’s fun when your list trends.

#2. Writing things in list form is a fun creative exercise that can be surprisingly versatile.

#1. Your high school friend’s grandma isn’t on there yet, so there is no expectation to follow anyone who’s lists don’t interest you!