My #1 Facebook Tip

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I have written about this before.

But, it was bundled in with a bunch of other ideas and I want to make sure it’s in one clear, easy to access place. This is not a full social media strategy (though we would love to help you build that too), it is one simple tip. A simple tip anyone can implement easily, but few people do.

Whenever you have a successful post (whether straight organic or boosted) get in there and invite EVERYONE who reacted to your post to post to like your page.

It’s easy to do and it makes all of your social media successes far more effective in the long term.

Here is an example, I recently had a client who boosted an effective Facebook post to give it a little more reach. After that it received over 70 shares and a couple hundred “likes” and “loves”. Now that’s already a solid reach into the target market, but at this point the majority have only seen the one post, we haven’t generated any relationship or longer term connection.
Invite to like your page facebook
However, if you click on the “_________ and ____ others like this” text directly under the post you will see this:

Now, work your way down the list and click “invite” on every person.

You will find pretty quickly people start reacting, coming back and liking your page. In the case of my client I mentioned earlier, 31 people (from the target demographic) came over and Liked the page. That’s now 31 people we can now talk to on a regular basis instead of them just seeing the one post!

Not only did it lead to 31 new page likes and potentially profitable relationships, but it lead to over 80 organic reactions to posts already on the page, including several new shares.

This is a REALLY simple tip, but if used correctly and regularly it will amplify every other Facebook effort you are making!