Music Video For Lynn Johnson (I Want All Of You)

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A few months ago I received a call. It was an artist in need of a music video, who had seen some of the others I had directed and wanted me to come shoot for her, however, with this video there was a unique twist. Lynn had already had some of the footage shot for one storyline in the video and was hoping to blend that in with brand new material. It was a new challenge for me, and a song style I haven’t had the chance to direct before, but sounded like a fun project.

After listening to the tune, I felt like we needed to find a perfect place for reminiscing. A hidden away gem set up just right. Thankfully on one of my wedding shoots last summer I had found the perfect place! The Red Barn Photo Farm was a great photography spot just outside of Grande Prairie. We booked it, wrote some story lines to tie everything together and made this video. Hope you enjoy!