It’s Storyhive Season Again! (Here are a few recommendations)

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A couple of times every year, a rather magical thing happens. We start to see our newsfeeds full of pitches from local filmmakers applying for STORYHIVE funding.

If you aren’t aware of STORYHIVE, let me give you a little rundown. STORYHIVE is a program created and funded by the Canadian telecom TELUS. It’s an amazing program that helps emerging filmmakers get funded and get their art into the world (Checkered Owl has received support form STORYHIVE multiple times). They have had several types of funding rounds including: Short films, web-series, Female directed short films, music videos and recently a round of funding for VR Projects. One aspect that is part of many of these rounds is a voting period, where audiences get to help decide which projects will get made. It’s a massive privilege to play some role in seeing who gets to make their dreams a reality, and fun to dig through the wide range of creativity on display.

However, as TELUS’s STORYHIVE program becomes more and more popular it’s also easy to get lost in the volume of pitches and miss some great projects you may want to support, so we wanted to highlight a few that are deserving of your attention:


Brought to you by Distillery films, this short sci-fi written by our friend Gordie Haakstad, tells the story of the world’s first time traveller. This is going to be a BEAUTIFUL film and fully deserves some of your voting love! The whole project will created by an incredibly talented team including Chris & Laura Beauchamp and

Logline: On the eve of human time travel, Jack faces and unknown future – and past, and risks all he loves to make history.

Watch the pitch and read more here:

The Wokeness

One of our favourite projects to come out of the world of STORYHIVE is “Welcome To Surrey”. Now the creators of that web series (Dunya) have a new project called The Wokeness which looks like another fantastic film.

Logline: Afro-Canadian actor struggles to maintain sanity while keeping a racial microaggression-triggered superpower at bay.

Watch the pitch and read more here:

The Alberta Internet Creators Project

Have you ever wondered what “YouTubers” do all day? How does one become a professional “Instagrammer” Are these real jobs and could one live on your street without your knowledge? Director Patrick O’Connor has been working on this concept for a while and we would LOVE to see this film made. So much so that we have come on as producers! Please vote, I promise this one will be magic!

Logline: This documentary follows Albertan internet creators chasing the dream of becoming self-employed in new/social media.

Watch the pitch and read more here:

The Wrestler

We are really excited to watch this film, so you better vote for it and make it happen. The Wrestler is a Nanaimo based film by an amazing team including Nicola McTaggart, Michael Chen, and Jacqui Kaese. Setting a really human story in the world of amateur wrestling is a genius move, and I can’t wait to see what they do with it!

Logline: As a masked wrestler, Terry plays the villain. But deep down, he wants to be seen as the good guy.

Watch the pitch and read more here:

Living With

Another project being pitched from Vancouver Island is “Living With”. Local filmmakers Zach Tanner & Raymond Knight want to tell some deeply personal stories about a different side of people who are living with Cancer. They are fantastic filmmakers who I know will tackle this project with sensitivity, hope, and love.

Logline: Family, friends, love, art, cancer: artists explore their purpose and healing through their passions.

Watch the pitch and read more here:


To be honest, this is the only recommended project that we don’t either know the filmmakers either personally or from previous work…but it looks really cool. The production design and story hooked instantly and we can’t wait to see more of this world.

Logline: A runaway dissident tries to survive in the wilderness during the apocalypse while hiding from a tyrannical force.

Watch the pitch and read more here:


From our friends at The End Is Beautiful Productions comes a story of pain and healing. The lead filmmaker (Lincoln Constable) on this project does an amazing job making $100 look like $5000 so we can’t wait to see what he does with this story and proper funding.

Logline: Rhiannon unexpectedly loses her best friend right before their summer road trip. She takes the trip alone.

Watch the pitch and read more here:


There are a bunch of suggestions, but lots more options on take some time to dig in and help great films become a reality! You can vote up to 5 times per day, voting ends on April 6 at noon!