Demonetized: A Creator’s Journey – New Documentary Available Now

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Have you ever wondered what it would take to make it on YouTube? Have you heard stories about people making their living doing just about anything on YouTube and making a living? Have you been hearing about Demonetization and wondered what that word even means? Then this documentary is for you.

Patrick O’Connor (the director of the film) has been building a presence on YouTube for the past 4 years. His channel ( is host to humorous sketches and filmmaking advice. However, when YouTube changed their rules his channel which had been earning him modest revenue was Demonetized. Patrick wanted to learn more and decided to make a documentary of the lessons he learned, he invited Rew Jones to produce and Sarah Jones to do some writing and we got to work. Demonetized is a journey that took us across Alberta in search of answers to how someone can actually build a sustainable career from YouTube.

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Interviews include: Dan Gunther, Kye Riddell, Elizabeth Chamberlain, Stephen Robinson, Brad Angove, Alexis Hillyard, and more!