Why I am Offering More & More Artist Consultations

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Recently I have been quite a few requests from bands who are looking for a manager, most range between fairly new artists and artists that have been gigging for years and are now looking for some help to take things to the next level.

I am always open to pitches and love hearing people’s ideas and goals, but my first question is always “What are you looking for in a manager?”

As I outlined in my previous post (What Does A Manager Do All Day) managers have a WIDE array of tasks an it’s important to establish what you are needing right off the bat.

The reality is that a management contract is a HUGE commitment from both sides. The band and the manager are dedicating a lot of time and resources to each other. Both intrinsically tying your careers together. A manager isn’t like a booking agent, it’s not like a publicist, it’s not like a radio tracker these are people you hire. A manger isn’t even like a label or publisher, these are people you make a deal with. A manager is there to help you find those deals, a manager will often sign these deals with you, a manager is not really a third party. The artist manager relationship is a much deeper one.

It can be the most important relationship of your career, it’s not something to rush into.

This is why I am offering more and more “Artist Consultations”.

It’s like going out for coffee instead of getting married. Both can be great but… might be best to do one before the other.

We can sit down and chat. You get someone who will listen to some music, point you in some directions and give honest open feedback. It’s like a manager for a couple hours. You get some professional insight but without the commitment of a full out management contract.

If you are interested in an Artist Consultation (Real Life or Skype) from Checkered Owl fire me an email at [email protected] and we can chat!

Feel free to comment below with any other people you know of that are offering really great consultation packages for artists!