Commercial Work – Erik Gault

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Sorry for the delay on updates to this page. We have been absolutely slammed lately and I’ve had so much to highlight that we now have some catch up to do!

We recently shot a pair of commercials for Grande Prairie Realtor – Erik Gault. We worked with Erik as we wrote, and then shot, edited, and released these videos for him. They have been really effective on both Facebook and YouTuibe garnering over 80 shares, 55,000 views, and really impressive retention rates on YouTube. If none of that last sentence made sense to you, no worries, that’s why you hire a nerd like me.

More than show off those stats though, I want to talk about how fun it is to really create quality commercials for your business. With today’s targetting techniques you can make sure the right people are seeing your ads! But you can’t just mail it in. The beauty of today’s advertising is that people will only watch it if they WANT to watch it. The days of marketing being shoved down your throat because you want to watch Seinfeld are over. They have been replaced by the opportunity to create content that your clients choose to share with their friends. Word of mouth has always been the most powerful form of advertising, and now we have to tools to help make sure the right message is getting out there!

I loved making these ads. We had a ton of fun and Erik has been getting great feedback.  Big thanks to our cast and crew for all their work!

Digital Battle Axes:
Mom: Donna-Lynne Larson
Gamer: Trevor Powell

YouTube Sensation:
Dad: Jason Wood
YouTuber: Tahnia Getson

Written & Directed by Rew Jones
Director Of Photography: Patrick O’Connor
Location Sound: Richard Podsada
Original Music: Mark Brazier
Editor: Rew Jones
Assembly Editor: Patrick O’Connor