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And we’re back!

Hey thanks so much for dropping by! As you probably noticed the Checkered Owl site was down for a while after being taken down by hackers. I used that opportunity to

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9 Podcasts Worth Digging Into

This post is a little different than most, in that it’s straight up promo of some of my favourite podcasts. I’ve been getting deeper and deeper into podcast listening over

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48hr Film Competition

This year for the first time I entered into a 48 hr film challenge. The concept is pretty simple. 48 hrs for you and your team to make the best film

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Take A Hike

As I write this post I am sitting at my daughter’s piano lessons. It’s her first year and she has a lot to learn; but she has begun what I

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New Luke Dowler Single & Video

Luke Dowler released a brand new single called “Heart Attack” this week! Crazy infectious song I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since I first heard

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The Future of Music is Friendship

A lot of digital ink is spilled everyday on the “future of music”. Streaming vs. downloads, could Google+ ever matter, will EDM eat itself, can crowd funding last…etc. Quite frankly,

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Now Booking Lyric Videos

Hey Everyone, Just wanted to give you a heads up that I have some openings to make some lyric videos in the next couple months.  The lyric video has become

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Andrew Jones appearing live on Renman Music and Business

Renman Live Appearance

Last week I was go down to LA for some meetings. While down there I had the chance to a appear on Renman Live which can be found Monday/Wednesday/Friday at

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Why I Love Noisetrade

6 + 1 Reasons I Love Noisetrade

Lately I have found myself recommending Noisetrade to a lot of friends and colleagues who haven’t yet heard of it. I would now like to take the opportunity to recommend

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