An Intro To Video Marketing In 2018

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Most people have noticed that video is often the most effective way to both spread your message AND create engagement with an audience. People watch more and more video all the time. In fact, here are 5 quick facts:

#1. 80% of 18-49 year olds watch YouTube.
#2. We watch over 1 Billion hours of YouTube content everyday.
#3. Facebook videos are viewed 8 Billion times per day.
#4. 4X as many consumers say they prefer to see a video about a product than read about it.
#5. By 2020 analysts predict 80% of consumer internet traffic will be video.

So, with all that in mind, we all need to be considering video content. The big question becomes what kind of video to make? What will actually help you stand out from the millions of other videos being created every week? We can help with that.

I divide most business video content into four levels:

Level 1 – Quick Updates – Don’t hire us for this. Don’t hire anyone for this. These updates should feel as organic as possible and connect viewers directly with your staff. These work really well on Facebook and Instagram, quick, slice of life things that don’t require a ton of production. Keep them short and engaging!

Example: A weekly update of industry updates.
Keeps your followers engaged. Most views will come through the audience you’ve already built.

Level 2 – Straight Promotional – We have all seen these, someone on the screen telling us about a product or service. It’s a straight pitch and can be effective when strategically deployed. If you want people to believe in your product, it’s well worth ensuring you put some production quality into a promo video like this. These videos should make you look like a pro and a leader in the industry.

Example: A video explaining the new tooth whitening options your dental office offers.
These video can be effective in getting the word out. Most views will come through curious researchers and paid campaigns.

Level 3 – Creative Promotional – This is honestly where the great stuff starts for most people. If you can create something that has an emotional impact on viewers you are going to get way more pay off per viewer. Whether you make them laugh, cry, or shout with joy, they will remember your ad and hopefully pass it along to some friends.

Example: A humorous scripted scene about how your product saved the world from certain doom.
These video reflect your personality and help people connect to your product or company. Most views will come through shares and digital engagement (a well targeted ad spend can certainly start the momentum).

Level 4 – Sponsored (or Branded) Content This is the future of marketing. Every day people are inoculated a little more against advertising, especially Level 2 advertising. We have trained our brains to watch for the “skip ad” button (unless we are truly engaged) and even on TV, advertisers are constantly fighting a losing battle against PVRs and ad free streaming services. However, there is another way:

When you sponsor content that has it’s own artistic and/or entertainment merit, people will not be trying to skip or ignore the content. They will be seeking it out!

Not only will they be seeking out the video content with your name on it, it will actually improve their brand loyalty significantly more than you pitching features at them. We know brand-differentiation is often negligible, and many people don’t trust ads anyways. However, your saavy customers understand that short films, music videos, web-series and other quality content take money. Be the person who brings them something they love and you will be rewarded.

Example: A touching short film about a little girl and her dog, brought to the world by your pet store.
These videos build your reputation, they place you at the middle of the conversation, and they have the potential to spread well beyond what a traditional ad can. They can bring in new audiences as your collaborators and their fans are share the content (as well as you of course), you even have a shot at generating some really positive press.

Let us help.
If you are interested in learning more about any of the above, or need any sort of video project completed, give us a call or e-mail anytime.

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